Barbecue: How To Get More Flavor & Delight Your Guests!

Barbecue season is almost here! If you’re like many of us, you’re already gearing up and practicing your summer 2016 outdoor cooking techniques. Early spring is definitely one of the most exciting times of the year for backyard cooking enthusiasts. This is the time when we check out the endless number of sites offering up the latest and greatest bbq gadgets and essentials. Irresistible childlike grins appear on our faces when the scent of fresh, kindling hardwood reaches us. If you know the feeling, I bet you’re smiling right about now. Go ahead. We’re with you.

That smokey scent might be hard to identify this season, though. Breaking from tradition and experimenting with less familiar wood is emerging as a hot trend this year. For some barbecue purists, this simply won’t do. For more adventurous cooks, the chance to bring home the smokey flavors from abroad is too hard to resist. I’m with you. I get it. And I’ll say right away — I’ve tried a few and I found one sure standout among them all.

Manuka Wood is the Season’s Hottest Barbecue Trend

Manuka is probably best known worldwide as a therapeutic honey that’s often used for medicinal purposes. Backyard barbecuers beyond New Zealand are starting to recognize Manuka wood as a flavorful, versatile smoking wood. We’re all for it. Manuka smoke adds light, yet complex and slightly fruity aromas to smoked meat. The resulting flavors are particularly beneficial to fish and pork, but use it as a general-purpose smoking wood and you’ll elevate just about anything. All it takes is a couple handfuls of Manuka wood chips in your goto wood blend. It’s amazing. Just be ready to talk about the flavorful goodness your barbecue dinner party guests will be raving about.

Getting your hands on quality Manuka smoking wood is pretty easy these days. Your local patio & garden store might have Manuka chips in stock, or just grab a weekend stash right here. Once you’re stocked up, be bold like the fire-taming cook you are! Whether you’re a seasoned pro, or just starting to learn the craft, have fun out there. And this season, remember — Where there’s grill fire, there’s Manuka.

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