Outdoor Entertaining: 5 Unique Accessories Sure To Impress

It takes just one perfectly placed accessory to take your outdoor entertaining reputation from great to legendary. With springtime in full swing and warm weather greeting us almost daily, it’s patio party time. This year’s memorable landscapes will be dotted with more than stone waterfalls, fashionable outdoor kitchens & wireless speaker systems. Accessories that bring you and your guests closer together for more intimate moments are the season’s most desired backyard soiree attractions. Let’s hope this is more than a trend.

Here’s a quick list of engaging outdoor entertaining accessories that will attract your guests and keep the great conversations going. I’ve seen each of these in action on various occasions and they are absolute crowd pleasers. All that’s needed is thoughtful placement and a fun story. Maybe a well-timed anecdote about the day your homemade pizza miraculously transformed into  a huge calzone the first time you attempted to grab the pie from your new portable wood-fired oven. Just a thought!

5 Engaging Outdoor Entertaining Accessories

1. Chemist’s Spice Rack

When I first saw this chemist’s spice rack during a friend’s dinner party, I was immediately drawn to it, and I bet your guests will be too. Simple, clean & fun. Combining the look of a chemistry lab with spices you’ll actually use is brilliant.

2. Syphon Coffee Maker

Not just for coffee anymore. Chefs, bartenders (or should I say mixologists), and yes, baristas everywhere are using syphon coffee makers. They work as extractors as well as infusers and the wow factor is undeniable. Imagine serving your guests scallops with dashi made at the patio table, poured from this syphon coffee maker. Impressive.

3. Handheld Food Smoker

This one will get lots of use beyond your al fresco shindig. Use your handheld food smoker to add a light, smoky flavor to delicate proteins or vegetables. Better yet, add a little smoke to the wonderful liquid infusion in your coffee syphon and wait for the oohs and aahhs.

4. Bluetooth Immersion Circulator

Immersion circulators are excellent patio performers. This one adds bluetooth making it an outdoor entertainment centerpiece! Keep water gently churning at a consistent 170°F and you’ll have an endless supply of sous vide deviled eggs for all to enjoy. Need inspiration for your dashi scallops? Here you go. Keep on top of it all via your smartphone.

5. Portable Wood-Fired Oven

Pizza. That says it all and a portable wood-fired oven does it all. I bet my Uuni 2 is used more often than my toaster. It’s so easy to fire up and cook everything from fire-roasted asparagus, to salmon steaks. And the pizza. Oh the pizza. Load the oven’s hopper with quality oak smoking pellets, get the pizza stone nice and hot, pop in your freshly prepared homemade pizza Margherita and 90 seconds later … you’re welcome. A newcomer to the portable wood-fired-oven scene is the Roccbox. I haven’t tested this unit, but it looks really fun.

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