Sous Vide Cooker and Multi-Use Poacher


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The best sous vide cooker takes the pressure out of precision cooking.

  • Precise temperature control means taking the guesswork out of tricky eggs and getting your perfect eggs every time.
  • In addition to eggs, master low temperature techniques with precise simmering, poaching and sous vide settings for your ideal sauce, fish and meat dishes.
  • Steam & boil (soft, medium, hard)
  • Dynamic temperature reading: Integrated holster to maximize exactitude.
  • Removable Pot: 2.5 Liters (84.5 oz) , PFOA-free, non-stick pot with tempered glass lid.
  • Delay Start: Get your eggs when you want it. Delay start will automatically begins the cooking cycle at a preselected time so you can wake up to your favorite eggs.
10 Memorable Sous Vide Recipes
  1. Delicious sous vide flan
  2. Amazing sous vide chicken cordon bleu
  3. Mouth watering sous vide pork loin chops
  4. Impressive sous vide brats
  5. Perfect sous vide swordfish
  6. Sous vide artichoke
  7. Easy sous vide chicken tenders
  8. Sous vide corned beef
  9. Tender sous vide brisket
  10. Perfect sous vide Ahi tuna

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